Hey there, Lovely Soul ~ My name is Kali, and I am delighted you’re here!

This is me 🙂

Muse & Metaphor is about many genres of life — love, spirituality, nature, and more — but at it’s core it is a platform for expression of myself, my heart, and my many, many thoughts, passions, musings, opinions, and experiences.

I have gone through many incarnations in this lifetime trying to learn about myself and how to foster meaningful connections in every interaction. Having worn so many hats, I have (fortunately) learned a ton, and I continue to do so.

Everything I write is based on my current level of experience or level of understanding. I don’t consider myself much of an expert on anything, nor am I particularly interested in being an expert on anything. I simply wish to remain open to new learning and understandings, and to share what I know, as I know it. I reserve the right to change my mind about anything at any given time, with or without notice, based on the receipt of new information, a change in wind direction, or any other reason under the sun… or moon, for that matter.

I’m an adult and I use adult language. Sometimes I use strong adult language, and I recognize this can be offensive to some people. I would apologize to you, but I feel there are far more offensive things in the world than the word “fuck,” such as racism, genocide, using religion and government to assert control over women’s bodies, etcetera.

I welcome conversations, questions, and contradictions. I may not walk away with a different opinion, but I will have a richer perspective to be certain! If you like what you see here, and you’d like to support me in my endeavors, you can do so here.

In Gratitude & Love,